Building from Afar

In building our first custom home ever, we encountered 3 challenges before we ever got started:

  1. We live in Central Florida, our primary residence; this home over 500 miles away.
  2. Immediately after purchasing our “million dollar view” lot, the economy went south, making it virtually impossible to locate any “comps” required to secure a loan in the dollar amount needed for the house plans we had chosen.
  3. I am a VERY visual person.

David, Brook and Andy worked very hard along with the appraiser in helping us to get our loan secured.

The Providence “family’s” expertise, guidance and coaching from the pre-ground and ground-up was part of our everyday experience, literally. There were very few days that went by without communication from them in some form: email, phone calls, mail delivery samples. Decisions that needed to be made were always presented in a timely manner so that there were no “haste makes waste” situations. Cost expectation was given much discussion—we were always given 3 price points to choose from. Budget was always a consideration and topic of conversation. Almost weekly we received emailed images of how our home was progressing. We were even given a hard copy picture album of our home in progress. We were only able to site visit our home 3 times during the 9 month “birthing” process. I never felt anxiety or lack of trust. With David’s engineering skills, Jimmie’s site skills, Andy’s people and organization skills, and their choice of top-level subcontractors, we actually had painless FUN.

Providence Custom Homes is what they say they are.

I am convinced that whatever you can dream, David can engineer it; whatever your construction problem, Jimmie can solve it; whatever your desired appointment for your home, Andy can make it happen.

Would we do this again? Absolutely, only if Providence Custom Homes will build it!

– Hugh and Donna Autry