Our Building Process

When Providence Construction Group started, there was never a question of how we would work with our clients...we wanted to partner with them. It’s important to us that we take the time to know our clients, answer all their questions along the way, and build a home they will never want to leave. Basically, we take a vested interest in your interests; it’s all about your agenda and dreams, not ours. That means offering expertise and guidance from the ground up...literally.

From Start...

Once we understand your dream for the home, we do a thorough analysis of your home site. As a professional engineer, David can assess your chosen building site for any challenges that could make construction more costly or inefficient. Often, tens of thousands of dollars can be saved during this crucial step in our building process.

PCG reviews your chosen home plan and offers advice and education on costs associated with every detail. To ensure a smooth process, we help establish a budget and guide you through specific selections such as cabinets, flooring, and exteriors. We want our clients to know from the beginning what costs to expect...it saves them time and headaches! After all, building your own home should be fun.

From there, it’s all a partnership! The PCH team stays in regular, weekly contact with you, whether on site, by phone or by email, to offer updates and answer questions. And that’s not just the owners, David and Brook, it’s also Andy in customer service, it’s Jimmy, site superintendent...the whole team. It’s a proactive approach that leads to efficiency.

To Finish...

Throughout the process and to the very end, careful attention to detail is essential. As the building process draws to a close, we begin a series of careful walkthroughs involving different members of our team. By using several sets of eyes, we can catch the smallest issues that need resolution prior to our closing date. At PCG, we also strive to complete every home in the most timely manner. With that in mind, we develop a realistic, detailed timeframe that is appropriate so that in the end, we exceed your expectations. Efficiency and meticulous attention to detail leads to a home you can truly call your own because you helped the team at Providence build it...from the ground up.